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Snark Tuner H.Z. Hertz Tuner - with Hertz Display - Super Tight - Newest ST8HZ

MSRP: $28.16
(You save $8.00 )
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The newest hertz tuner from Snark!  Faster chip, higher resolution display, even more accurate!  

The ST8HZ tuner allows you display the hertz - the measure of cycles your note produces.  Standard tuning uses "A" at 440HZ.   You can now check the hertz level for each string.  Includes a handy chart for hertz tuning.  

This new Snark tuner has an even better display than past Snark models, a better clip, and a better directional arm - for easier movement to see the display when playing.



  • Faster tuning chip, fastest, best tuning Snark ever!
  • Bright, crisp COLOR display with higher resolution - read from any angle!
  • Tunes all guitars and basses.  Even tuned my mandolin!
  • Very fast response to the note tuned.
  • Improved "stay put" clip
  • View display from any angle.


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