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Mooer SPARK Flanger Small Guitar Effect Pedal

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A true bypass, analog flanger that doesn't take up much room on your pedal board.  Recreates the classic tape flange effect! 

  • Classic and modern flange sounds from the past to the present
  • Highly adjustable, from modern to classic to frightening
  • Full metal shell
  • True bypass

This pedal is not going to suck much space on your board!   Don't worry, just because it is small doesn't mean it it won't hold up for the gig - these Rowin pedals are tough!
True bypass with 3PDT switching.   

Requires a  9-volt adapter with standard barrel - Boss, Ibanez, Snark, Danelectro all work with this pedal. 

Note:  Does not work with batteries.  No room for a battery in these tiny monsters!