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Danelectro DJ-14 Fish and Chips 7 Band Equalizer

MSRP: $74.64
(You save $35.06 )
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Sweet price on a sweet pedal

Something fishy? Not with this pedal. Boost or cut your acoustic, electric, or bass guitar to get that perfectly leveled tone! The Danelectro DJ-14 Fish and Chips EQ Pedal is noise-free and includes 7 level controls for overall boost or cut of +/- 15. An in/out knob gives you instant EQ control. Perfect for the studio or on stage!

Requires a 9-volt battery or a .

The tasty Danelectro DJ series of pedals are some of the most widely used pedals around. They all have great sound at an extremely affordable price.

New in package. A great opportunity to stoke your gear fetish at a bargain price!

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