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Can you grip your pick?

Posted by Jack Phillips on Aug 10th 2018

An ongoing battle of keeping a grip on your pick, many solutions have been proposed.Back in the day, my favorite pick was the Fender Celluloid 351, blue pearl color, in a medium thickness.  But, these picks were often slippery.  I took to taking a pocket knife and putting “x’s” in them to improve the grip.  I’ve since heard this was fairly common.  Since then, nylon picks have come on the scene, which are injection molded, and allow grip ridges to be built in, such as in Herco picks.  Other solutions have included gluing a piece of cork on the pick to improve grip.  More recently, companies have developed pick “dots” which attach to the pick to keep it from slipping off your finger. Everly has a patented solution with a star shaped hole in their picks.  I find with Everly though I need to go a bit thicker than normal since the hole seems to lower the stiffness of the pick.  It is never ending search to find the right pick with the right grip.  Until next time 

- Jack