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Can you grip your pick?

Posted by Jack Phillips on Aug 10th 2018

An ongoing battle of keeping a grip on your pick, many solutions have been proposed.Back in the day, my favorite pick was the Fender Celluloid 351, blue pearl color, in a medium thickness.  Bu … read more
Pick Thickness

Pick Thickness

Posted by Jack Phillips on Aug 3rd 2018

Pick ThicknessWhat pick thickness do you use?  Most people seem to gravitate toward what is now a medium size (around .6-.8mm).  At one time, picks had no standard thickness.  They we … read more
The Shape of Picks

The Shape of Picks

Posted by Jack Phillips on Jul 20th 2018

Picks have been made in a TON of different shapes.The most common is what most of us considered of consider the standard – the 351.The 351 has its origins with D’Andrea’s “Pick with the Crooning Ton … read more

Materiality of Picks

Posted by Jack Phillips on Jul 13th 2018

Picks have always come in a variety of materials.  As is well known (and now illegal), many picks were first made of tortoise shell.  Other types of natural material that have been used inc … read more

Picks - An important tool for guitarists

Posted by Jack Phillips on Jul 6th 2018

Such a simple little tool.A small, flat item used to make sound on a stringed instrument.What do you call it?  It has many names – picks / pick, plectrum, plectra – the plural of plectrum.Funn … read more