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10 Pack Planet Waves Duralin Precision Guitar Picks .70mm Medium

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The all new Duralin Precision Picks add a “sharp” small tip radius that glides across strings for greater articulation, speed, and control. It is the perfect pick for progressive rock, speed metal, jazz, or any style that requires increased control and dynamics while maintaining a bright sound and extreme durability which Duralin picks are known for.

Duralin (also known as Acetyl or Delrin) is a unique material with extraordinary combination of strength, stiffness, dimensional stability, toughness, fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, and low friction. Normally used as a replacement for metal bushings and bearings in industrial applications, this extremely durable polymer is ideal for picks. Duralin picks are known for their bright "clicking" sound when hitting strings and are preferred by many soloists for their clear articulation on fast single note passages.


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